Download MAC OS X Lion (10.7) for free .iso image..

Download Apple Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

Mac OS X lion is the preceded by OS X Snow leopard. This OS includes many new features airdrop, facetime, ichat and more.

Download MAC OS X Lion for free .iso image (OEM version)

If you have any problem with the installation or downloading of files or if the links are not working, then feel free to email me:

System requirements

1) x86-64 CPU 

2) At least 2 GB of RAM

3) Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Mac OS X 10.6.8 is recommended)

4) At least 7 GB of free hard drive space


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81 Responses

  1. ex_trust says:

    The hackcintosh
    Since installation need Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Mac OS X 10.6.8 is recommended)
    do have those?
    i build for pc.

  2. can i intall it on my windows PC..plz tell me how??
    HP 2000-2100 Note Book PC
    [1.8 Ghz, 2GB Ram, 500 HDD, Intel Celeron Processor]

  3. Satnam Singh says:

    @swati…. u can try installing on a virtual machine!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. amir khan says:

    can i install it with xp

  6. smartblogger says:

    there is problem to download

  7. Cansu Ata says:

    Hi This is .ZİP……. How İ translate İso ? i dont know please help me

  8. Shivaji says:

    This is .zip ………..plz send how to install on VMware Workstation 9

  9. i don’t know , what’s username and password

  10. This is not .iso this is zip. how could it be installed on vmware?

  11. Hammam Hasan says:

    hi every one
    to install it
    extract : installESD.dmg
    in :
    1- install mac os x
    2- contents
    3- SharedSupport
    4- InstallESD.dmg

  12. Sankar says:

    how an i install mac on vm ware

  13. my laptop says could not find installation for this machine. contact apple support.. any help.. and is this iso really 3.5 gb.. please i need help

  14. can i install it beside my linux

  15. cara install nya gimana ?

  16. Joy Deep says:

    Thanks for sharing, this blog is really helpful for me.
    Internet Explorer Tech Support

  17. Good afternoon, I can not install, did the DVD with PowerISO program for windows 7, but the MAC does not read the media, and not just booting, what I do for the Mac to boot in this DVD? PS My HD corrupted data then my mac no longer starts what should I do? my e-mail

    • Siva says:

      While Booting, hold continuously the Character “C” in your Lap Key Board. this is not any case sencitive. Then the system boots with CD/DVD

  18. Anthony V. says:

    if the MAC OS X Lion is the .ZIP….. you need to extract it to the desktop so it can change into RAR or iso.

  19. villanceo says:

    I’ve got a power mac g4 with mirored doors but no operaing system can I use it to do a new installation and how

  20. no you canr powermacs can only go up to osx leopard (10.5) so install that from this site

  21. dama says:

    i have core to dual processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB HARD DISK it is possible to install the MAC OS

  22. dama says:

    how to install MAC OS on window7 laptop

  23. luke dixon says:

    This is the only one that will install on virtual box x64, my laptop has 3GB of RAm, and 160GB of storage, im also running windows8.1, the OS doet really need a powerful computer, just read the system requirements at the top and see if they match your PC’s hardware, if not you may want to avoid this install, it may slow down your PC, i recommend using VirtualBox wich is a simple virtual machine. What’s a VM: A VM is a virtual computer enviroment that can simulate a computer system within your Host OS, it all depends on your PC’s Hardware, the VM will recognize the OS that you want to use and will preset the settings for that OS. I hope this helped out for someone!

  24. AthleteV says:

    Username password ?

  25. bro. user and password are required ??? guest bandwidth limit is exceded.

  26. Sanchit Jain says:

    user and password are required ??? guest bandwidth limit is exceded

  27. user and password ??’ for download,,,please

  28. Josh V says:

    Guest And pass guest not working loser

  29. Gopal says:

    I also tried but unable to install on virtual box. please share the process …..

  30. user and password are required ??? guest bandwidth limit is exceded

  31. It says I need a password..
    I tried guest and it didn’t work
    Any help or suggestions?

  32. It says I need a password..
    I tried guest and it didn’t work
    Any help or suggestions?

  33. username – tech
    password – guest

  34. Pramod says:

    username – tech
    password – guest
    Realy not working

  35. i cant get into the iso because it requries a username and password

  36. hello everyone can this iso be installed on a non mac PC is it a bootable DVD? kindly assist

  37. plz give MAC Os x download link

  38. Laiba Shaikh says: We have alot of pc Softwares, Antivirus, Crack IDM, Pc Full version Games, Windows Activator ETC just Join

  39. 0kanenas says:

    i have an amd cpu, will i have issues?

    • Alex Florio says:

      No you won’t get issues, as long as that CPU is a good one, not a laptop one or something like a semperon, but rather and Athlon or maybe the A series APU

  40. The Geeks says:

    Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  41. Where is the download link? Can’t seem to find it. I feel dumb.

  42. Ashraf Town says:

    Can’t find the download link either :/

  43. Lewis Viner says:

    Is this only for hackintosh or can it work on mac’s?

  44. kaushik saha says:

    whre is the download link

  45. where is the download link?

  46. Alex Florio says:

    The actual ISO? I have loads of files but no .ISO

  47. hi,
    my sys conf is

    pentium(r) dual-core cpu, E5500 @2.80GHZz
    DDR2(2GB RAM)
    500 HARD DISK


  48. Claudio says:

    Hello, ISO is ZIP, and I’ve tried to convert to ISO, open it and it did not work!

  49. kelvin says:

    hie guys,am trying to install mountain lion on macbook 2009 white duo core model but when i boot from cd it only brings a folder with do i fix this and have os installed since its a new hard drive?

  50. Sonja says:

    The smartphone includes Flashlight app which can be commuted
    to LED flashlight with three brightness levels. It truly
    is smart to replace all your computer system drivers to boost the boot-up procedure within your pc.
    No dependencies are required either, so your customers do not need to worry about installing anything else in addition to your
    installation package.

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